riverrun : interface of the unstable body

The piece is a variation of [riverrun] premiered in 2015 SPAF, a collaboration of the promising dancer/choreographer Cha Jin Yeob and visual artist Vakki. The word ‘riverrun’ is the first word on page 1 of the notoriously difficult novel of J.Joyce, [Finnegan’s Wake]. The novel forms a recirculation suggesting the circulation of life by ending up with ‘The’ and then connected to the first sentence of the novel. The body, which dynamically moves in the psychotropic volutes of fractals explores new function and meaning in the midst of organic change of movements. Could there be any interface of stable body? Could our bodies be divided and identified by color or gender? [riverrun:interface of the unstable body] is a brilliant and psychedelic meditation on our body and life.

Premiere Oct.2017 SIDance festival

Visual Art : Vakki
Sound : Moon Yirang